James Patrick Carey


I hope everyone’s holidays were wonderful and spent with people you love. I spent a few days in Minnesota with my family. All 5 siblings were present, and of course Mom and Dad. It was grand! Christmas was white (which is awesome), and cold (which is ok in small doses, but -11F is pushing it). I flew back to California on Christmas Day and my brother Jason joined me a few days later. He lives in London and decided to spend some time in a warm climate for some R&R before heading back across the pond. It was great to have him here and show him around. OK, enough about that stuff and down to business: my record, Scoundrels & Saints!


The finishing touches are being made right now. All of the sonic stuff is done, Kristen Stegman was gracious enough to take some photos of me, Rob Genadek did a wonderful job mastering the songs, and now it’s just design and a couple of other things before I send it off to get it pressed. This all brings me to some news:


My brother Joe and I have decided to do a double CD release party, both his and mine! It’s going to be on March 8th at The Aster Café in Minneapolis! This is the night before my birthday, so I expect you ALL to be there!!! More details to come, so stay tuned.


I hope everyone has an amazing 2014 filled with great music, love, and prosperity! Thanks for taking a look at my page and I’ll see you all soon!



Hi Jim! I'm so proud of you! I will be at the release party! You and Joe are two of the most talented and charismatic artists I've had the honor to know. I can't wait!
hey old friend and co worker. I always new you would go bigger in life than MML. I still remember the day we made/begged you to sing the national anthem in the basement store room so many years ago. you were amazing:). stay awesome Jim. Emily Jacobsen.
Wow! I can not wait to get my hot little hands on a copy of that album! It is you who is gracious for thanking me and for thinking to ask me. Loved meeting your brother Jason I wish we jad more time to talk!

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