James Patrick Carey

Scoundrels And Saints

OK so it's exactly one month after we have finished recording. First I have to say that it could not have gone any better if it were a dream! Everyone was on fire in the studio. Nick Salisbury, Ben Kaplan, Rob Genadek, Jessica Carey, and Joe Carey you are my HEROES! If anyone is considering recording an album I highly recommend The Brewhouse Studio. Perhaps I will put some video up as I very loosely kept a video blog during that 2 week period. I've decided on a title: Scoundrels And Saints. And Joe and I are working on details for a CD release party to happen in March 2014. In the mean time I have to get everything mastered, take some photos, get some artwork done, and a ton of other things. I will keep y'all posted with every step though. I do have to say that it sounds great and I can't wait to get it out there for other people to hear!

There is a video that our Dad took that I'd like to post, but I think it might be too big. Anyway, there is a song called Clouds and basically the whole thing is done as a 3 part vocal that Joe and Jess and I all wrote together. This is how the video happened: I wanted to try to record all of our vocals at the same time (Side note: it's quite uncommon to record more than one vocal at a time in a studio because everybody has to be spot-on the whole time. One person makes a mistake, and the whole track has to be redone). I asked Rob the studio master if we could give it a shot and he said it wouldn't be a problem. I haven't ever recorded 3 part in the same room at the same time....it was pretty wonderful. Our parents were there at the time, so we asked our Dad to come in and take some video of us as we tracked. The video he took is the take that we ended up keeping and it's fun (at least to me) to watch. You can only hear us singing and no music as we all have headphones on. So we'll see if I can get that up here on the website.

Oh and lastly, I just put up a bunch of studio pics on the photo page. Take a gander.

Hoping you're all doing great. Thanks for stopping by.



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