Picasso's Brush

James Patrick Carey

An eclectic album of t-shirt rock and coffee stained singer/songwriter tunes.

In the Fall of 2017 James Patrick Carey was ready to record a new album. Enlisting the help of Joe Carey to coproduce, the brothers set forth into the studio to lay down the tracks of James’ third solo effort, Picasso’s Brush. With a band consisting of Jim and Joe’s sister Jessica Carey (backing vocals), Nick Salisbury (bass), Jordan Carlson (drums), Greg Schutte (the man behind the glass), and of course Joe (backing vocals and all guitars), and James (lead vocals and keys) everything was set! Some surprises also showed up in the form of the Great Highland Bagpipes (Jimmy Sherman), and a 40 piece Hungarian string orchestra. What happens when all of these factors come together? An eclectic rock n roll album filled with driving guitars, tickled ivories, rich vocal harmonies, and ear candy galore. Picasso’s Brush says “Hello, hello…” with it’s opening track Tell Your Lover. James’ textured, longing voice rides a powerful wave that starts with this song and doesn't end till long after the album has finished. Weekend has a solid groove that’s hard to miss while the title track, Picasso’s Brush, has imagery and depth that will have you clicking repeat. It would be wrong not to talk about One Son’s Lullaby, a tribute to James’ mom and dad. The delicate delivery that he puts into these sincere lyrics will touch just about anybody who has parents. And bagpipes! Who doesn’t love bagpipes?! The siblings come together in perfect 3 part harmony throughout the record and especially so on So Beautiful, China Doll, and Without A Memory. All You Want brings the album to a close with the aforementioned Hungarian string orchestra that will tantalize the ear buds of anyone wearing them. From start to finish Picasso’s Brush is an album that will take you on a ride through the many peaks and valleys of what a music listening experience should be.

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