Happy Halloween: BigFoot!

All You Want (Strings Only) 

It's been a while since I've posted anything here. I've been writing a lot lately so stay tuned! Meanwhile, here's a video of The Budapest Scoring Orchestra recording strings for my tune, All You Want. I've been meaning to post this for a while, so here goes! This was recorded in December of 2017 as I was finishing up the different sessions for Picasso's Brush. Douglas Pipes, a good friend and musical accomplice, immensely helped me write this arrangement. He also put me in touch with the orchestra. It…

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Thank you Whisky! 

Thanks to everyone who came out to the famous Whisky a Go Go this past Thursday! It was an awesome show. The guys in the band were just amazing! Thank you gentlemen. 

  • Andrew Reyes on keys
  • Mario Montes on Drums
  • Brian Ward on Bass
  • Jeremy Ting on electric guitar

My friend Josh Bishop brought his camera and took some great photos. I'll post more once I figure this whole website thingy out (again). But in the mean time here's one for ya! More shows and pictures and awesomeness to come!


It's official! I signed the contract today and picked up some tickets to sell. It will be a full band show and I have to say that the guys in my band are awesome! So if you're in LA come on out and see a great show. Tell all of your friends! Let's get a line around the block.

Feb 7 - Show at The Whisky a Go Go 

Hello hello!!!

I just booked a show with my band at the legendary Whisky a Go Go in West Hollywood! It's at 10:15pm on Thursday February 7th! I know it's short notice and I haven't even signed the contract yet, so I'm not on their calendar yet...but I'm gonna do that on Monday (2 days from now). I need as many people down there as I can get. So please, if you know anyone in the LA area tell them to come on out. It's a $10 cover. Really excited for this. It's an amazing place and it's gonna be awesome!


Picasso's Brush is now available everywhere!

Please join us at the release parties!

Another Update: Picasso's Brush 

Announcing the presale and release dates for Picasso's Brush!

Presale everywhere on October 5th. And the official release date is November 2nd. 

With the presale you get to instantly download Weekend (a surefire hit), while the rest of the album will be automatically downloaded on November 2nd. So get the presale because everyone is going to be talking about it at school and you want to be one of the cool kids. Don't ya? 

And take a look at the cover below! After two attempts at photo sessions and not…

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Update: Picasso's Brush 

Hey all! Here's an update on what's been happening since I last let y'all know what the shizzy was. I'm nearing the finish line with my latest album Picasso's Brush. All of the recording went swimmingly in October and November. I returned home to California and finished up the piano parts at Cantaloupe Studio in LA with Douglas Pipes lending his engineering talents. Doug also lent his true expertise helping me to arrange one of the songs for a 40 piece string orchestra! The Budapest Scoring Orchestra in…

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New Album: Picasso's Brush 

Hello hello!

So excited about the new record! 10 days of recording at The Bathtub Shrine recording studio in Minneapolis are finished. It was an amazing experience with some old and new faces on this one. You'll be happy to know that my brother and sister, Joe and Jess, are returning with vigor. Expect a lot of vocal harmony from all 3 of us on this round of tunes, along with Joe's tasty guitar treats. He and I are also sharing the producer chair...don't worry, no fights broke out...well maybe a couple…

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DAY 8 In The Studio! 

DAY 8 update: A week and a half of very little sleep. A perspective on a new (to me) recording/mixing process. A day of singing backups and harmonizing with my brother and sister? HELL YES!!!



AND a delightful little sample of Jess singing backups. She's in the performance room while we sit, amazed, in the control room.

DAY 1 in the studio 

Gearing up for the first day of recording! 7am comes EARLY...as you can tell by my sexy puffy eyes and wet hair.

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