New Album: Picasso's Brush

Hello hello!

So excited about the new record! 10 days of recording at The Bathtub Shrine recording studio in Minneapolis are finished. It was an amazing experience with some old and new faces on this one. You'll be happy to know that my brother and sister, Joe and Jess, are returning with vigor. Expect a lot of vocal harmony from all 3 of us on this round of tunes, along with Joe's tasty guitar treats. He and I are also sharing the producer chair...don't worry, no fights broke out...well maybe a couple. Also in the performance room are returning bass player, Nick Salisbury; and new (to me) drummer, Jordan Carlson. Epic jobs were done by these guys. Behind the glass, engineering and mixing the project is Greg Schutte, who has a truly great place and mind for music making. There will be some surprises too with some string arrangements, and perhaps some bagpipes. Currently, I'm just finishing up the recording process before Greg works his mixing magic. The legendary Douglas Pipes is lending his studio and arranging expertise to this fine piece of work, and I'm so very grateful. To him and to all! Expect a release in early 2018! It will be called PICASSO'S BRUSH. Stay tuned here at the website and I will make sure to keep you up to date!

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